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The Kind Little Elf Project

Received one of these cards? Pass the kindness on!

  1. Share the kind act someone did for you!
    Pin it (#kindlittleelf), tweet it (#kindlittleelf), or
    post it on our Kind Little Elf Facebook page!
  2. Do a kind act for someone else!
  3. Give them a Kindness Card and keep the chain of kindness going!

Spread the Kindness: Print your own set of FREE CARDS here

Learn more about The Kind Little Elf Project:

Meet our Elf: "Toodles" doesn't just sit on the shelf, he has adventures
of all sorts- he's a bit of an Elf Guru. He's also very kind.
In our Kind Little Elf kit, Santa sends a very special letter via Elf courier. He explains that he needs more "Kindness Fuel" to power his sleigh and asks the kids to help by doing kind acts for others. This kit is a fun and innovative way of teaching kindness and the spirit of Christmas to children (and adults alike). It includes printable "kindness cards" that can be shared, and even "tracked".

A note from Amanda:
With the excitement of the holidays and the busyness of the season, sometimes kids (and even adults) can get wrapped up in the sparkle and shine, and miss the true meaning of Christmas. 

As a parent to three young children, I wanted a way to remind them that Christmas is much more than presents, candy, and twinkling lights. I wanted to teach my children to spread the love of the season, and to sprinkle it with kindness. The Elf was a great way to incorporate this important lesson.

Whether you're using The Kind Little Elf Kit or are doing random acts of kindness on your own, please join our community! Share your kindness ideas, photos of random acts of kindness, and thoughts on our Facebook page (link here), and follow us on Twitter (link here)! Hashtag #kindlittleelf to share and to see what others are doing!

Are you the parent of a child who would like to participate? Download our Kind Little Elf Kit FREE. Use code: KINDNESSISFREE


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