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A Design Guru’s Guide to the Best Photo Quote

The best part of a photo quote design is being able to use your own personal photo! But how do you choose which photo is best? Here are some tips and tricks collected from our very own Design Gurus.


Photos taken on digital cameras work best as they are saved as large files and can be directly uploaded to a computer.

Portrait vs. landscape. Typically portrait (vertical) photos work best because many of our designs are in portrait orientation.

If using a landscape (horizontal) photo, the more zoomed out your photo is, the better- more of your photo will show up in your design.

If using a pre-developed photo, scan into a computer at 300dpi or more for best quality.

Smart phone photos work well but tend to have a grainy overlay if taken using the front camera. When sending smart phone photos, send the largest sized file possible.

The larger the better. Large photos mean less stretching of the photo to fit the product dimensions. See our recommendations.

Any edits made to your photo prior to emailing to us will show on the design. This includes Instagram filters and Snap Chat graphics.

Have a photo that you aren't sure about? If your Design Guru feels your photo may not print well once finalized, they will always be sure to follow up with you.

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