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Unique Will you be my Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Ideas

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Brides to be here’s to the season of blossoms and blooms! I think it’s safe to say that many of us ladies have been planning our perfect wedding since we were little girls. The dress, the cake, the party and of course prince charming were all top priority!

Bridal Party Gifts

But what no little girl ever thought about was the assembly of the bridal party! Who are you going to ask? Better yet, HOW are you going to ask? If you’re thinking of sending a text to your bridesmaids or asking them over the phone to be by your side on your special day, THINK AGAIN! Instead, why not do something more memorable and unique for your for your bridesmaids! Don’t worry, I won’t just throw you in with the wolves, we will get through this together and I’ll give you some ideas of various bridesmaids and maid of honor proposal gifts! 

Maid of Honor Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

So since you most likely already have the dress, cake and prince charming all sorted out, I’ll give you my favorite unique bridesmaid proposal gift ideas! 


1. Bridesmaid Proposal Box (Pink Floral) from PaperRamma

A personalized gift box is a fun, easy and unique way to propose to your bridesmaids! It is definitely a memorable way to “pop the question”!  This is an easy to assemble, do-it-yourself bridesmaids gift that allows you to add a personal touch to match each bridesmaid!

 Will you be my Bridesmaid Proposal Gift box

This specific unique bridesmaid gift can be printed straight from your home computer once you’ve completed your purchase! It gets better, it also comes in three distinct styles, guaranteed to highlight your creative touch! 

Other great ‘Will you be my maid gift honor’ gift box ideas are:



2. Will you be my Bridesmaid Box (Sweet Edition) from YourDayWithJenny

Will you be my bridesmaid gift

3. Bridesmaid Gift Box Set from RelishPrintDesign

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift 

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, and a little bit more personal, or maybe just a little something different for your maid of honor. Why not try a photo quote?! 

4. Will You be my Maid of Honor Photo Quote from PaperRamma

This photo quote is a timeless maid of honor proposal! You can add in a picture of you and your maid of honor, and well we all know a picture is worth a thousand words! 

Will you be my maid of honor proposal gift

But wait it gets better! For those of you who maybe don’t have a sister, and want to ask a close friend, cousin, anyone! There is a solution! You can try this "I can’t say I do without you photo quote! You can surprise your loved one with this maid of honor gift!

Will you be my maid of honor gift

This photo quote will touch your special person’s heart as she gets ready to take on the responsibility of helping you prepare for the big day! If this somehow still doesn’t cut it, here are some other maid unique maid of honor proposal ideas:

5. Will you be my Maid of Honor Wine Label from KaspiParty

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift

6. Scratch-Off Will you be my Bridesmaid Cards from PetalPaperCo

Maid of Honor Proposal Idea

I hope you all enjoy these fun, unique bridesmaid proposal gifts as much as I do! Better yet, I hope the special women in your life receive one of these gifts instead of a text! We all know there’s nothing better than a proposal story, so share yours with me! How did you end up asking your bridesmaid/maid of honor to join you on your special day? Did you use one of these Bridesmaid/maid of honor proposal gifts? I want to know all about it! 


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