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Toodles has Arrived!

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Toodles officially made his way to our house today, and this year he did it in style, taking full use of our Elf Arrival Kit . I have to admit, I could hardly contain my excitement! It was all worth the wait though, because it was almost like Christmas morning seeing my little ones faces light up! They were so excited to see the room all decorated from a welcome back banner to place cards and placemats with their names on them


(My poor kids! It was so dark outside because we wake up at the crack of dawn to get to school!)

On the menu: Elf-sized pancakes and Santa Hat Strawberries, Elf Milk and Elf-gurt!

My boys loved their hats... and they made for a fantastic photo-op I got a great pic of them being silly with their hats on!my princess loved the Elf-Gurt! 

Toodles is always thinking up new things! In an effort to come up with something else fun to eat, I came up with "Elf-Gurt" I poured yogurt in a bowl, then scooped out the middle and added a few drops of green food coloring. Then I put yogurt on top to make it look like plain yogurt and added a sign "Mix for a surprise" All three kids loved watching the yogurt turn into Elf-gurt!

A splash of green food coloring also came in handy for milk, the kids also got a kick out of the Elf joke flags, which are a part of our Elf Arrival Party Kit. They even got a smile out of my oldest who was cracking up when he learned what you call a snowman in the summer, a puddle! HeHeHe.

Oh Toodles, you really out-did yourself this year! (Being a mom of little ones is just tooooo much fun!)


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