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How to Frame Your Print

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Yay! You have received your print from PaperRamma! Next up: Framing! You might ask: Why is framing important? Framing is important for a few reasons. Most importantly, it protects your print from dust, dirt, and fading over time. Framing keeps your print safe.

Step 1: Choose a frame that will fit your print perfectly. We recommend framing your print in a frame that is at least one size larger than your print, with a mat opening the same size as your print. Why mat your print? Matting keeps the glass separated from your art work so it won’t stick to the glass, and it also enhances your artwork. (Pro Tip: A good rule of thumb when matting: try to find a frame with a mat at least two inches larger than your artwork. It will really enhance the look of your art and draw the eye to its key elements.)

Size / Our Recommendation
5x7 prints - 8x10 or larger with 5x7 mat opening
8x10 prints - 11x14 or larger with 8x10 mat opening
11x14 prints - 16x20 or larger with 11x14 mat opening
16x20 prints - 20x24 or larger with 16x20 mat opening
20x30 prints - 24x36 or larger with 20x30 mat opening

Your print will always look its best when framed with a mat. To make it easier to frame with a mat, your print may have been printed on paper with a white border. If you are space-restricted, or would like to frame your print in a frame that is the same size as your print, we recommend trimming the white border around your print so that it can fit in the frame. Simply cut off the excess paper using a paper slicer or scissors.

Step 2: Remove the mat and clean the glass, making sure to allow time for the glass to dry completely. (Pro Tip: use a microfiber towel to reduce reside left behind) 

Step 3: With your print facing you, add tape (sticky side facing you) to the backside of your print. Remember, the tape should be taped to the back of the print, with the sticky side of the tape facing you, be careful not to tape the top of the print. (Pro Tip: For best results, use non-acidic, archival photo tape, available at most craft stores)

Step 4: Carefully place the mat over the print like a window, centering it as you move closer to the image. When you have the ideal "window" image, press the mat firmly where the tape was placed. (Pro Tip: watch carefully when centering a print with text, align the text with equal margins from the sides, and use the bottom of the mat as a guide to keep the text on the print straight.)

Step 5: Flip the print over and reinforce with additional tape, for a snug fit.

Almost done! Many of our products receive their own unique customization certificate.  If you'd like, add your customization certificate to the inside of the frame to always remember when you ordered your print and what personal customizations were added to your order!

Time to hang your framed print! For tips on hanging your art, ideas for gallery groupings, and more visit our pinterest board

It makes our day when our clients share their framed prints, we love to see the prints in their "new homes"  Please take a min to share yours!

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Did you know? Each week we choose one client who shares their custom art with us, and we send them a surprise print? You could be next! To enter, take a pic of your custom artwork and post it to our social media along with the hashtag #PaperRamma & #MYCUSTOMART. Want to see what our past winners have won? Check them out on facebook

Instagram: #Paperramma | Facebook: www.facebook.com/paperramma | Twitter: @PaperRamma

Winners are chosen every Monday from entries made within the past week! To enter, you must be 18 years old or older and must live in the continental USA. Sorry, no APO/FPO or international entries can be accepted (but we'd still love to see your art!). Winner is chosen at random. 


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