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Get Organized in 2017!

by Team 76th & Newbury |

college organziation calendar

Staying organized is a big new year's resolution and goal for many people, however it can be tough when you're always on the go, have a million things on your mind and no way to get organized! We had this problem ourselves and that is why we decided to design our custom calendar! Our own “Head Idea Inventor Boss” Amanda tested out our calendar and loves it! It makes organizing dinner, soccer practice and all of the many details of life that get lost in the hustle a cinch!  With three kids always on the go it’s great to be able to have everyone's dance, football, and play dates right on the calendar so you never forget a date!

Being designers we didn't like the look of boring unfashionable paper calendars, so we created this fashionable wipeable and eco friendly calendar that you can personalize with your events and ideas each month. All you need to do is frame it with a glass front and use wipeable dry erase markers!

custom kitchen calendar

You can customize our calendars so they match the look and feel of your home, Adding in little details like what your plans for the week's dinners are or reminders and important dates coming up! I love how you can color code the family with dry erase markers so you can tell easily who has what, when and where. This makes organization for the mom on the go so simple and is a great home decor piece also. It's great how you can customize this calendar to fit your needs and style! This is sure to keep you organized and going for the new year!

This calendar isn't just for moms on the go, College girls will love this cute calendar to put up in their dorm rooms and keep organized during exams! You can personalize your calendar with an inspirational quote of your choosing to keep you motivated and on the go. The fun part of this calendar is personalizing it and choosing which pattern fits your personality! We designed floral bright color calendars, simple elegant ones and bold patterned calendars.

organizational calendar

Customizing what colors you want your calendar to be is part of the fun! You can make sure your calendar fits your style and decor by picking exactly how you want it to look. You also can write your class schedules, outings with friends, even dates and formals on this handy calendar. This would be great for a sorority house so everyone can keep track of meetings and events. Your events will go off without a hitch now that you can stay on top of everything with our fashionable and functional calendars! Life with roommates can get crazy so this calendar can help you organize who is buying what and let you know when everybody is home so you can keep track of things easily with your busy college schedule. If you want to get organized this winter check out our totally custom calendars and get ready for a great, organized new year!!

custom calendar

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