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Free DIY Fathers Day Printable

by Team 76th & Newbury |


We’ve all been there, trying to find the perfect gift for dad on Fathers Day that isn’t a power tool or a tie. This year instead of getting dad yet another tool, how about trying something a little bit more personalized and memorable? 

You can turn getting dad a gift into a fun and memorable experience for the kids, with this free fathers day printable in your choice of 4 colors. Creating a timeless gift that will last a lifetime, which in our opinion, is a lot better than dragging the kids around stores on a hunt for something Dad doesn't already have.


DIY Fathers Day Gift


This personalized gift for Fathers day will allow your kids to tell their dad exactly why they think he is the best! 

First download the free fathers day printable file. Then choose from one of the four colors and print out the file and gather the following supplies (markers, tape and a 8x10 picture frame). Get ready to get creative!

TIP: We used regular sharpie markers for ours, but we recommend using oil based sharpie markers, or copic art markers if you'd like archival quality. We also recommend printing the file on cardstock or photo stock.


Free DIY Fathers Day Printable Gift


Before you let the creativity flow, make sure you put tape on the back of the fathers day printable & attach it to the paper part of picture frame. Make sure that it's aligned straight so it will look perfect once complete!


Free DIY Fathers Day Printable Gift

Free DIY Fathers Day Printable Gift


This will guarantee that your fathers day printable doesn’t move once it’s in the frame. Now, you are ready to get creative! Let your kids pick their favorite color marker & take turns writing in why their Dad is the best.


Free DIY Fathers Day Printable GiftFree DIY Fathers Day Printable Gift

TIP: Switch out the colors with each phrase to insure your printable captures your child’s creativity and uniqueness! For families with multiple children, you can even assign each child in the family a color.


diy fathers day printable


Once the printable is all filled out, just place it in the frame & you have created a timeless gift for the dad in your life! 



Now isn’t this a much better gift than a power tool?! You can look back it in 10 years and it will still hold as much meaning as the day it was made.

If you’re like me and love personalized printable gifts, also see this fun DIY handprint tree, another creative and memorable gift for dad!

For even more ideas you can also head over to our pinterest board: "Gifts for Him".

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