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Elf Guru: Cheer-O-Meter - Naughty or Nice Printable

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Tis the Season to be… nice! As the holidays draw near, the scramble to get ready for Christmas comes into full swing! Your little ones dream of sugar plums and gumdrops as they await the sound of reindeer footsteps on the roof! But Santa can’t do it alone. That’s why he sends Elf, to little one’s homes across the country to keep an eye out for nice behavior. 

Our creative little Elf, Toodles, is back this season with a fun printable that will help remind little ones around the globe to stay in the “nice zone”. The Cheer-O-Meter, is a fun printable that can keep track of all their good behavior while also keeping them from being naughty this holiday. And the best thing yet? It’s free! Download the free printable here. 

How it works:

Each night when the kids are asleep, “Elf” visits the chart and clips each little one’s candy cane up or down the chart, depending on their behavior that day. The nicer they are, the more gifts they will get this Christmas! Everything you will need for this printable can be found in the download.

This fun and interactive “clip chart” meter is the perfect way to keep your little ones on the track to a Merry Christmas. The Cheer-O-Meter can be hung wherever you please.

behavior chip chart free printable for christmas

Step 1

Gather your materials and print everything you need on a nice heavy cardstock, then cut the candy canes and write your little ones name on them.

Step 2

Stick the candy canes to clothes pins (or similar like clips) using tape.

Step 3

Cut out the Cheer-O-Meter sign. Punch a hole in each corner and add a festive ribbon. (Tip: you can also mount your Cheer-O-Meter on colored paper to make it extra sturdy)

Step 4

When the kids are sleeping, tape your Cheer-O-Meter to your favorite spot with Elf nearby. If your little ones aren’t familiar with a clip chart, you can even write a note to them from Elf, on how it works. (Tip: A high traffic area where the kids walk by is best to help remind them to be good!)

4 easy steps-- That’s it!

elf on the shelf free printable

With the help of the Elf Guru, this holiday season can be filled with Christmas Cheer! Check out all our Kits, and printables to make your Elf Season fun filled.

Let us know what free printable you would like to see next year! Leave us any suggestions and comments below!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!!!

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