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DIY Wedding Dog Handkerchief

by Amanda Naqvi |

The saying “Dogs Are a Mans Best Friend” is honestly a true statement in some of our cases! We take cute instagram pictures of our “best friend”, we go on trips with our pups and we even cuddle and watch netflix with them, so of course we want to be able to include them in our wedding day! But how do you include your furry loved one in your fancy nuptials? I created two really fun ways to add your little “Fido” in on your special day! The first way is bedazzling a boring old bandana to jazz up your pup! Read on to learn more! :)


DIY Wedding Dog Decor

All the materials we need for our project! It's so simple and fun to create.

DIY Dog Wedding Decor

The first step is to cut your letters with your scissors and pick your cute little saying to write on your bandana. It can be your dog's name or nickname, “dog of honor”  or my choice and personal favorite,  “Dog Ring Security!” Get creative, this is the fun part. Every pup has their own personality so feel free to showcase that.


Dog Wedding DIY Bow


 Cut out your saying and decide what kind of design you want on your doggie bandana. For mine I chose a bowtie since I wanted my pup to look real regal for the fancy event!


wedding DIY Dog Outfit


(HINT: Since i am “drawing impaired” i just searched for a quick cute bowtie to trace on my bandana with pencil so i could later draw it with more detail using my fabric paint!) Don't be afraid if you make a mistake, it will be easy to fix/cover up later on.

diy handkerchief wedding dog outfit


Spread out your bandana and place words application side down in order to iron them on. Turn your Iron to the cotton setting (or when looking at your applique directions the setting it says on it!) Now the directions I had said to only press down for 3 seconds but I found it worked best when i pressed down for 30. I would say do a test and see if they are stuck and then if not press with the iron for a longer period! I would also only iron the letters on ONE at a time to insure a nice strong hold!


diy pet wedding outfit easy


Make sure to press hard and check to see if your letters are sticking sooner than the instructions said or later, it all depends on the fabric and applique you have chosen!

easy diy dog wedding outfit


(HINT!) To make sure your are pressing the letters in the right direction use your smartphone as a “mirror image and if you can read them correctly on your smart phone than your words are in the right position if you are worried about making silly mistakes like i was! :D

dog diy wedding scarf
Doggie security in progress!

Finished ironing! Don't worry if the words are not perfectly centered, just do the best you can. They can be tricky and move out of place when you are ironing, once it is on your beloved pup it will look perfect since he/she moves around and pups are not perfectly symmetrical! :))


dog wedding diy scarf bandana dog outfit decoration


Next draw in your cute bow-tie or other design with a fabric marker! This makes the process so simple and easy! You can chose any color you want also to match your specific wedding decor. Have fun bedazzling, make sure to press hard!!!


dog diy wedding outfit


The next step is to bedazzle your fun doggie bandana for your wedding! This process is the same as putting on the letters except you will want to put a cotton cloth on top of the bedazzled applique. (in my case i just used the extra bandana fabric and it worked perfectly!) Hold the iron on it for about 10 seconds. Have fun bedazzling, make sure to press hard!!


simple diy dog wedding outfit scarf bandana


When you are done ironing on your fun sparkle bedazzles, you can color in your bowtie simply with a colored sharpie! I chose silver because I really wanted my boy to stand out and be debonair!


dog wedding bandanan diy decorations wedding

Here is the cute finished product! All you need is to grab your furry friend and jazz him up for your special wedding day! Your pup will look FABULOUS in photos! :))


dog wedding diy decor puppy outfit for wedding bandana dog wedding scarf

Looking dapper in his new bandana!

dog wedding scarf diy outfit for dog wedding


Sitting patiently looking fashionable!! You can wear this bandana one of two ways, in the back like the first picture or in the front like is shown in this photo! :)



Just a silly outtake, Me and my pup had fun doing this project for you guys! Check back for my next blog post for part 2 of this doggie design series where we will be turning a plain old dog collar into something unique and beautiful for your puppy bridal day!! :))


dog wedding outfit outfits for your pets wedding decor wedding scarf dog wedding bandana

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