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DIY Flower Dog Collar

by Team 76th & Newbury |

This is the second part of my two-part-post. See my first post here 

The saying “Dogs Are a Mans Best Friend” is honestly a true statement in some of our cases! We take cute instagram pictures of our “best friend”, we go on trips with our pups and we even cuddle and watch netflix with them, so of course we want to be able to include them in our wedding day! But how do you include your furry loved one in your fancy nuptials? I created two really fun ways to add your little “Fido” in on your special day! The second way to incorperate your "best friend" is creating a beautiful floral collar for your girl pup's big wedding debut. Read on to learn more! :) 


diy flower wedding dog collar

All our materials! We picked bright, vibrant colors like purple, yellow, and pink to really make our pup stand out in a crowd!

Step one: Heat up your glue gun, the easiest step!

dog collar diy flower cutting

dog collar wedding diy flower


Step Two: Take the flowers you chose and cut them close to the stem so you just have the top part of the flower to glue. Make sure not to cut the stem totally off as you don't want the part of the fake flower that holds it together to come off. Leave about a ¼ of the stem on so they stay together but aren't raised when you got to glue them on your collar. Cut and Lay out all the flowers on the collar so you can get an idea of the design you want to make for your furry friend.


pet collar diy projectsPut about a dime sized dot of hot glue on the flower to insure a really strong hold on your collar! 

dog collar diy wedding decor


Step Three: Press down for ten seconds firmly for a strong hold for your furry friend! I would press down for about 10 seconds firmly!


dog collar diy wedding projectflowers for dog diy collar project


Repeat the above step for the rest of your dog collar!


pet diy project flowers



You can hot glue some of the smaller flowers on top of the bigger flowers to get a very full look when you are finished.


diy pet dog project wedding dog outfit flowers

Step Four: Add in some of the green leaves to give it a real authentic look and to fill in any space on the color where you don't want a flower.


wedding diy pet collarOur project getting filled with flowers! When making this collar make sure your put the flowers on closely together, you can add the green leaves in to fill up any empty space on it! Don't be afraid to make mistakes they can be easily fixed by adding a leaf or a flower here or there!


flower wedding diy project dog collar pet of honor


Our finished product is so bright and fun for our little furry friend Zarrah to use!

BONUS! Check out our free printable that we made EXCLUSIVELY for you guys to use! We made it in a couple of colors, along with a black and white version you can color yourself to match your colors! Just print, stick on a cardboard, string through your choice of ribbon and put on your pup,(or even a human friend) and you are ready to go! Keep an eye out for my next DIY post! :))


Download the free printable here ________.

diy dog collar wedding flower collarPs. My little puppy "niece" as I like to call her was the perfect puppy model!! Isn't she adorable?! :))


diy girl female dog collar dog collar for wedding
here comes the bride wedding printable sign diy sign dog collar for wedding

Till Then,


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