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Bloggers And Our Custom Travel Maps!

by Team 76th & Newbury |

custom travel maps

Traveling is a great passion of ours here at 76th & Newbury. We created our custom map because we love to travel and wanted a way to mark our own adventures! We love our maps and cannot wait to put even more pins on them as we explore different places and find new adventures! In this blog we will show you a few others blogger's perspectives on our custom travel maps and how they enjoyed the process of working one on one with their very own design guru!

This map was custom made for the awesome blogger! Here is what she said about how awesome customizing her travel map was! One of the things we particularly loved while working with 76th and Newbury is that the process was so smooth and easy even with the customization. We also got the chance to work with a real designer named Jesse…..For a customized product, we love, love, love that the turnaround was really quick not only with the customization, but also with delivery. The canvas was packed nicely in a cardboard box and wrapped in plastic”

custom map canvas

We love that she enjoyed our custom process of designing her map which includes working with your own personal design guru and having as many changes to your map as you need to make it perfect for your home decor and personal style! We take pride in having our canvas ship fast and safely to its new owners as we carefully design each product we create with care and love. We loved creating this map for this blogger and being able to show what our custom process is all about!

Another great blogger who shared our custom map artwork was Emily Reviews. She also chose our grey world map and had such a great time customizing it! One of the best parts about our custom maps are that they really are a statement piece for your home, So even if you haven't got to exploring yet but have plans too they make a great home decor

Here is what emily said about her custom map artwork!After you’ve decided the basic things like size and print type, the fun begins! You’ll be sent a separate email that links to the design process. Here you can pick map colors, the map quote, & more like names, dates, etc. There are tons of colors to choose from and you can even specify one if you don’t see one you like. You can choose any quote you’d like for the bottom of the map, or you can keep the one they have. I chose to keep “Adventure Awaits” because Kyle and I haven’t really traveled yet, so it’s saying that it awaits us. Finally, you can put your name or family name at the top and a date. I chose our first names and the date we started dating.”

custom map art gift

One of the things Emily enjoyed the most was picking out what colors matched her home decor and working one on one with a design guru, Here is what she said “ I am in love with my map. I think the colors fit with our apartment and personalities perfectly. The customization made it fun and it’s special to me because it has our names and date on it – it’s not just some regular map. We are planning on framing it instead of marking it because it’s a great decor piece. I think once we start traveling, I will take it out and mark it as we go along.” We love that she had such a fun time designing her special map! The best part of our process is that you get to customize everything to match your own style! We love getting to design fun maps like this one!

This map is the perfect gift for people who love to get out there and explore the world! It can be hard sometimes to think of a present for the creative person or the person who has everything! Our maps make the perfect gift because they are so sentimental and travellers will love that they can remember all their adventures by pinning on our map! Read on to here about what blogger making time for mommy said about our maps! “One of my favorite things to do is travel. I love going new places with my family and spending quality time with them away from all of the household chores and to-do’s. Though our trips are limited to a few days or a week, I like to keep the memories alive by incorporating bits of my travels in my home.”

travel map canvas custom

We love being able to offer our clients unlimited revisions on their maps and being able to offer custom maps if there is something they want to change about our map style! “Each custom design comes with a proof so you can see what it will look like and request edits if needed. I decided I didn’t like the color combo I had originally requested and asked for an image that was on it to be removed and both requests were done without problem. They want you to LOVE your custom creation!” It was so fun working with this blogger, We love when our clients let us help their design ideas come to life! Part of the fun of our jobs is creating these awesome custom creations that are cherished for a lifetime! There are so many different ways to use our custom maps!

One of our awesome bloggers, the work at home wife took a different take on our united states map and colored in the states their family has visited! How cute is this idea!?

custom map art print home decor

One of the reasons people love our maps is again how customized you can make them to match your families decor, read on to see what this blogger had to say! “ I love this Modern USA Travel Map from 76th and Newbury. You get to choose your colors and design. You can customize the verbiage. A designer works with you every step of the way to make sure it’s perfect. Once you get it home, just start coloring in the places you’ll go.”

We love reaching out and getting to work with great bloggers so more awesome people can learn all about our awesome custom products including our maps! We are so lucky we get to do what we love and design a new custom creation each day! Check out our website 76th & Newbury to find our maps and other amazing custom products!

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