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3 Easy Ways to Make Bath Time Fun

by Team 76th & Newbury |

   make bath time fun for kids

 Ah, bath time. Some kids love it. Some kids, however? Maybe not so much. Regardless of your child’s passion for the porcelain tub, we here at 76th and Newbury have come up with 3 easy ways to make bath time the highlight of their day!

3) Help them become Mini Interior Decorators:

sunshine art prints

kids custom shower curtain

Custom Prints & Shower Curtain by 76th & Newbury

 mermaid girl bathroom decor

mermaid bathroom girl art

mermaid art print- 76th & Newbury

This may be a fun idea for an older child who has lots of ideas and a strong sense of fashion all their own. They will definitely jump at the opportunity to own their own space, and by default, spend more time in there as well. Our fun and colorful line of shower curtains are completely customizable; making it a no brainer regardless of your child’s decorating vision. Plus, what would be more unique than matching their bathroom set to their bedroom theme? Remember that beautiful You Are My Sunshine art print that hangs over your little one’s bed? Now, both of you can create a seamless connection from one room to the next by ordering a matching shower curtain! Here at 76th and Newbury, we’ve not only made the process easy-- by helping you connect with your own, personal Design Guru-- but will make your child’s first design experience feel even more special. This will surely guarantee that the bathroom will, most likely, become their favorite room in the house from now on!


custom shower curtain boys 

Custom Space Kids Shower Curtains- 76th & Newbury

custom i love you to the moon and back art

Love you to the Moon-

It’s time to ditch the rubber ducky for this one, folks! Think about how much fun your little one will have getting their hands dirty with these two, fun bath “toys” that are sure to keep them entertained the whole time.

diy bath toys

Glow Stick Bathtime -

Picture this: glow sticks in the tub. It’s a totally fun and easy way to turn up the cool factor. Plus, all you need is about five minutes at the local dollar mart and you’re ready to party! Also, it’s a great sensory experience that keeps them both busy and excited as you scrub kids bath print

DIY Bath Paint-

This recipe for making your own bath paint is a great way to mix soap with fun colors; using ingredients that you can pre-select depending on your child’s skin care needs. Then, you can host a “painting” contest; allowing them to paint themselves. Afterwards, you can help them wash off the soapy mix! Do you see where we’re going with this? Not only are you giving your child a license to get a little messy, but you’re also teaching them that cleaning up is just as fun too!


  • Make Your Own Bath Slime:
  •            This is sort a personal favorite of mine-- my parents used this tactic on my sister and I for years to keep us completely entertained during bath time. And, pretty much begging for more fun in the tub.

    bath time bath slimeBubble Bath Slime-

         Basically this is just a bubble bath solution that allows your little one to run the slimey substance under running water. Watching as it gets all bubbly and foamy in the process is beyond exhilarating. Plus, if you’re not totally into the idea of running a bubble bath every single day, no worries! This works equally well on a washcloth or sponge. Plus, for all you busy moms out there, this solution is great for your down time as well. Feel free to steal from your kids’ batch whenever you need an hour to just relax. Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking bath product, anyway?

          I hope you enjoyed our list of tips and tricks to make bath time the most exciting time of the day! Please let us know how these ideas worked out for you and your little one. Also, do you have any unique bath time rituals with your child? Share them in the comments!

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