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Lets Be Thankful For These Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving Backdrops 

by Amanda Naqvi |

  Our Backdrops add the perfect touch to any event in less than 10 seconds! Just hang it and your done! Colorful and beautiful, our customized backdrops elegantly and affordably set the scene for the event. Display your custom banner at your event to serve as the picture perfect background for photos that will impress you and your guests!  ...

How to Frame Your Print

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Yay! You have received your print! Next up: Framing! You might ask: Why is framing important? Framing is important for a few reasons. Most importantly, it protects your print from dust, dirt, and fading over time. Framing keeps your print safe. Step 1: Choose a frame that will fit your print perfectly. We recommend...

10 Etsy Tips from a Successful Etsy Seller

by Amanda Naqvi |

Etsy is a great marketplace made up of real people.  It's where we started out! I try to be a part of the community and offer advice to new sellers when I can. I've been doing it for a long time now and thought this advice would make a great blog series on how to help other sellers achieve the success...

How to hang your Canvas Print

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Yay! You have received your canvas from PaperRamma! Next up: Choosing the perfect spot and hanging it up! Your PaperRamma canvas comes- hang-ready. Simply follow the steps below, and you'll be done before you know it! Step 1: Unbox your new artwork and remove the clear plastic bag. Find the perfect spot to hang your artwork. If you...

DIY Flower Dog Collar

by Team 76th & Newbury |

This is the second part of my two-part-post. See my first post here  The saying “Dogs Are a Mans Best Friend” is honestly a true statement in some of our cases! We take cute instagram pictures of our “best friend”, we go on trips with our pups and we even cuddle and watch netflix with them,...

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