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Top Trending Nursery Designs

by Team 76th & Newbury |

  This year has been such a fun year in design! We have so many trending designs that are fun and unique to try...

5 Ways to Organize a Dorm Room

by Team 76th & Newbury |

    The new year is officially here-- with that comes the promise of fresh starts and big changes. For some of you, that could include the opportunity to head off on your own while attending college-- taking that first big step towards your dreams…...

How to Frame Your Print

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Yay! You have received your print! Next up: Framing! You might ask: Why is framing important? Framing is important for a few reasons. Most importantly, it protects your print from dust, dirt, and fading over time. Framing keeps your print safe. Step 1: Choose a frame that will fit your print perfectly. We recommend...

Free Printable - Holiday Gift Tag

by Amanda Naqvi |

The time has come! You’ve spent countless hours searching for the perfect gifts for your family and friends, but now it’s time to make your gift stand out from the rest. It’s gift wrapping time! Gift wrapping can sometimes be an overwhelming task, but we have some tips to make wrapping your treasures a breeze. So...

Our Thankful Tree

by Team 76th & Newbury |

Each year at Thanksgiving our family creates a thankful tree to remind us of the things that we are thankful for. In this day and age (there I go sounding like my mom again!) I think it is so important to teach my kids that no matter where you are in life, there are always things to be grateful for....

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